Buying a House in Southern California: Feng Shui

Buying a House in Southern California: Feng Shui

  • Dittany Zhang Seltzer
  • 08/26/21

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is derived from the Taoist theory of the Book of Changes. Its purpose is to carefully and carefully investigate and understand the natural environment, use and transform nature, create a good living environment, win the best time and place, and harmony between people, and achieve the perfect state of harmony between man and nature. Whether you believe it or not, when it comes to the major event of buying a house, reading this article may be instructive for you.

Feng Shui of Buying a House in Southern California

We can buy a house in the United States, but we can’t just move all the Feng Shui that China demands to the United States. Buying a house in the U.S. is very different from in China. There are many reasons. For example, most people in the U.S. choose to buy villas instead of apartments. Most real estate transactions are in old houses instead of new ones. Most builders don’t understand and ignore Feng Shui. Say, If we choose a house in the United States based on the traditional Chinese Feng Shui concept, it will be even more difficult.
Speaking of this, are there many customers who only have a few weeks or a month to buy a house and cannot choose a suitable house? of course not! As long as you don’t choose a house with major Feng Shui defects when choosing a house, minor problems can be resolved after you buy a house.

Environment Says:

  1. The surrounding environment: Before deciding to buy a house, be sure to patrol around the house to see if there are major defects in the surrounding environment. For example, if this house is close to a busy street, the neighbor’s house is untidy, the neighbors can see into this house, or you can hear the voice of the next door, etc. This all means that other people’s Feng Shui invades your house and your Feng Shui has been severely damaged, which is not ideal.

  2. The small environment in the house: This is the small environment for your future life. The layout should be smooth, sunshine should be sufficient, and ventilation should be good. Yangzhou Fengshui pays more attention to sunshine and air, so choosing a house to live in must not only have good ventilation and fresh air but also have sufficient sunshine. This has the greatest relationship with the pattern.

    Summary: Whether it is a large environment or a small environment, Feng Shui pursues the unity of heaven, earth, and man. Although a treasure land usually brings most of the residents in the vicinity, not every lot is suitable for you. Therefore, the most important thing in choosing a house is to take into account Feng Shui and pay attention to your intuition, which is your first feeling. This is where Feng Shui is directly related to you.

Hedge House and Cul-de-Sac:

    1. Hedge house: the house is facing the street or the valley mouth. Feng Shui is "happy maneuvers and avoids direct rushing" because the rushing momentum is rapid. If the residence bears the brunt, it will be very troublesome. Don't be careful! If the door of a house is facing the road that comes straight from, the longer the road, the greater the problem, and the more cars there are, the more disasters there will be. Therefore, some people call it "Hukou House", indicating that it is difficult to live in it.

    2. Cul-de-Sac: It comes from French. It was designed by the wealthy French aristocrats at the time for not wanting the real estate they own to face the street, and at the same time facilitating the free entry and exit of their carts. It has always been a design respected by architects from all over the world. Conception. Its shape is a U-shape with a narrow entrance and a wide round back. From the perspective of Feng Shui, hedge houses are definitely not a good choice.

      But Cul-de-Sac is indeed the best choice. Because it is shaped like a lucky bag, it means only in and not out, there is no out', and it is a good omen for gathering wealth. At the same time, because only the residents of Cul-de-Sac can enter and exit, it is quiet, clean, comfortable, and private, especially the bottom of the bag, which generally occupies a large area and should not be missed.

Feng Shui:

The Feng Shui of the door is the core of the house, so the door should not be opposite to the bedroom door, balcony door, stairway, kitchen, neighbor door, and a big tree.
  1. If the door is facing the door of the master bedroom, it will affect the feelings of the couple, and also affect the relationship between each couple and other opposite sexes in the society, their health and wealth.

  2. If the door is facing the balcony door, then the formation of the "heart-piercing evil" means that the fortune of the family is easily affected, and the family will not be easy to gather wealth.

  3. If the door is facing the stairway: When the door is opened, not only will the wealth not be brought in, but it will also take away the wealth from the home. At the same time, the door is facing the kitchen, the door of the neighbor on the opposite street, and the big tree in the middle of the door are all disadvantaged for poor wealth.

Toilet Knowledge:

  1. It cannot be built in the center of the entire house, because the house is like a person's body, and the center is close to the heart. "Heart" attachments should not have too many stolen goods, so as not to affect the owner's health.

  2. Have a son try to avoid having toilets in the east. It may affect the son's physical and mental health and future.

Master Bedroom:

  1. It must be spacious and bright, which will bring good luck to the host. Because the owner spends at least 1/3 of his time in the master bedroom.

  2. There must be no gas stove under the master bedroom. Nor can it be a garage. So as to avoid discord between husband and wife. The family is restless.

Fang Wei said:

The Chinese prefer southeast-facing houses mainly because they are warm in winter and cool in summer. But this theory is not very practical in Southern California. The airflow on the west coast of Southern California is mostly counterclockwise, from the Pacific Ocean off Mexico to the upper part of Southern California. In other words, the furniture of houses facing south and southeast will be exposed to the sun. So sitting in a house facing east is a good choice.
Because if the back of the house faces west, usually the homeowner can set up awnings or plant various trees in the backyard to alleviate the high temperature in the afternoon. From another perspective of reselling in the future, most Westerners prefer to sit in houses facing east and west, because they want to come to see the sunset easily. Another argument is that European cultural habits dictate.

Topography says :

The land on which the house is built must be stable and stable. This is because the square construction site can provide a stable and stable atmosphere. There are many houses built on the mountains in California. Although the beautiful scenery is good, sometimes the land of the houses is really uneven, so you must pay special attention when buying a house.
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